Stephen and Maya's Wedding

The chuppah was on display at the reception.


A few photos from the rehearsal, wedding, and reception


The Rehearsal

Stephen, Tsai Hong, and Ralph rehearse.

Maya, Rachel, and Avner rehearse.


On the wedding day

Steve and Maya arrive.

Setting up the chuppah.

How many Hartley's does it take to pin on a flower?

Iris and Stephen.

With the groom's family.

Rabbi Reinstein takes in the scene.

Steve and Maya with their parents.

The chuppah, made by Dot Hartley.

The best man, Daniel, doing his job.

Maya's family.


Signing the Ketubah

The Ketubah.

Anna signs as a witness.

Vanessa signs as a witness.

Maya shares a moment with her brother Ron.


The Wedding Ceremony

The entrance begins with Daniel and Iris.

Ron and Danna.

Steve and his parents.

Maya and her parents.

Danna sings, accompanied by her uncles.

Ready for the ring.

Stephen's ring.

The happy couple.

A hug from the rabbi.

Escorted away by the witnesses.

Off for a moment in private.


The Reception

In front of the chuppah with Steve's grandmother, Dot.

Steve's parents and grandmother.

A toast.

More toasts.

A toast from the best man.

Oops, the flash didn't go off.

There was slow dancing.

And faster dancing.

Guests decorated a tree with wishes for the couple.



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