In the mountains of Virginia

With the Lees in June

A friendly groundhog just below the front steps.

Brady found some interesting reading material.

The Homestead.

Homestead indoor swimming pool.

Jefferson Pools - The Men's Bath

The Women's Bath

Lucy and Brady in the garden.

Sunil, Elizabeth and Lucy at the Jefferson Pools.

The Cowpasture River, across the street from our house.

A view of the house from the river bank.

Phlox in bloom.

Lucy and Jim waiting for the dinner bell.

Sunil and Elizabeth waiting for the dinner bell.

Albert never got a clear shot of an Oriole.

The scenery.

A Dusky-winged Butterfly on a natural history sign.

A small American Chestnut tree!

Brady and Albert.

Jim, Brady and Albert test the camera set-up.

The family photo.

The house.

Jim and Lucy enjoy the front porch.

Sunil and Elizabeth.



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