Spring Wildflower Identification

Field Trip 1: Turkey Run

Close up of a mayapple flower

White wood aster leaves

Squirrel corn

Pawpaw flowers

Blue cohosh leaves

Blue cohosh flower

Dwarf ginseng

Dwarf ginseng leaf

Dwarf ginseng gone to seed (all ginseng photos here were actually taken in the Smokies -- all other photos were taken on the field trips)

Field Trip 2: Great Falls

Golden Alexanders

Field chickweed

Violet wood sorrel flower

Violet wood sorrel leaf

Look at the tip of the sepals!


Fringe tree flowers

Fringe tree flowers

Wild Pink

Moss Phlox

Moss Phlox

Caterpilar pattern close-up

Lyre-leaved sage flower

Yellow wood sorrel flower

Yellow wood sorrel leaves

Alumroot flowers

Alumroot leaf


Rattlesnake weed from the side

Rattlesnake weed from the front

Rattlesnake weed, not open yet

Spring Cress

Narrow-leaved Vetch

Dobson fly. The females can bite, and this is a female.

Dobson fly


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All photographs Copyright 2010 by Albert Hartley.   All images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.