Late February 2009

A black vulture out my window at work.

Human Ecology Field Trip

Have you ever noticed the scar patterns at the base of tulip trees?

Ripples in Sligo Creek.

Looking at water management right under the beltway, and next to Sligo Creek.

Ok, this is icky, but this is probably coyote scat, and it is just inside the beltway.

Another stop along Sligo Creek.

Dog polution in Sligo Creek.

Golden-crowned kinglet over Sligo Creek.

Geese sliding on ice as they land on a pond built to manage runoff from Wheaton mall.

Canada geese in flight.

What did we decide this plant is?

Goose fight.

Bagworm moth cocoon

Brady went to a conference in Ocean City, and Albert tagged along.

A common loon in the surf at Ocean City.

Great Black-backed Gull.

Running sanderling.

It seemed oblivious to us, so we got a little closer.


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