Various summer pictures, 2008

A Ruby Spot damselfly.

The Levering Orchard theater "box" office.

This art installation was created by Charlie Brouwer.

It is made of apple crates and orchard ladders.

The contents of the barn gave him the idea.

The view from Levering Orchard (near the red house).

They sure are cute at that age.

Albert had eight works in a show at the Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg, MD. Here are the artists and gallery director.

Three of Albert's photos.

An entire wall of Albert's photos.

This five-lined skink really showed off its colors.

Slatey Skimmer dragonfly in flight.

Wait, maybe we can get a little closer.

Like this.

A happy bee.

A very large walking stick.

A pollinator at work.

A hairstreak butterfly.

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All photographs Copyright 2008 by Albert Hartley.   All images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.