West Virginia Highlands, 2008

Seneca Rocks

A composite picture of the rocks.

The view from Seneca Rocks (can you see Brady's car?)



Pearly everlasting with pollinator

Fire weed on Spruce Knob

Dolly Sods

We visited a bird banding station...

Close-up of Magnolia warbler feathers

First year Magnolia warbler

Close-up of Magnolia warbler feet

Magnolia warbler in hand (note that only the experienced bird-banders may handle the birds).

Cape-May warbler

Cape-May warbler

Bird banding

Magnolia warbler after banding

Ruby-throated hummingbird, a little stunned from the nets.

Female Black-throated blue warbler in hand

Female Black-throated blue warbler

Female Black-throated blue warbler

Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Mark handling a Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Gentian flowers. Gee, how do they get pollinated?

Bees know how (that's a bee's behind sticking out).

A pipe-vine swallowtail

More fire weed

Tiny caterpillar

Mountain Holly (Ilex mucronata)

Sphagnum and cranberries

Cotton grass over the bog

Sundew (a carnivorous plant)



Sundew meal


The road through Dolly Sods

Monarch butterfly wing

A blue-headed vireo



A different salamander

A red-spotted Purple butterfly

A black-billed cuckoo!

Cool insect wings

The Allegheny Front is the high-point in the middle. That's where Dolly Sods is.

Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls

Where most of your electricity probably comes from.

Where the forests are going.

Sideling Hill

Pictures of interest to naturalists (not necessarily pretty)

Fossil worm burrows (from the Silurian?)

There is a reason they are called cicada killers.

Cicada killer carrying away a cicada

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